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When traveling to a new tradeshow venue or back to the same one year after year, there are always critical situations that need to be resolved before you arrive. CIMAX can provide everything from on-site staffing and supervision to complete turnkey exhibits along with simple advice designed to help you avoid some of the "classic" pitfalls. Whether it be shipping arrangements, show service paperwork, installation and dismantle labor, housing accommodations, electrical or booth set-ups or simple "how to" questions, our experienced managers (each averaging over 10 years experience in the industry) will take the frustration out of a decidedly frustrating business! Even as a seasoned tradeshow professional, there is every possibility we can provide further guidance regarding your event in addition to a variety of time and cost saving services.

Whether we start with a clean sheet of paper and design an entire exhibit strategy or work with your existing booth properties--or a combination of the two, CIMAX can demonstrate effective ways to save money on all aspects of the show. We can provide qualified staff for your booth, caterers for your press event, special promotional techniques to draw attendance to your booth plus numerous proven ways to get more out of your tradeshow dollar!