Our client surveys consistently rank CIMAX on-site services as one of the top reasons for repeatedly utilizing CIMAX services year after year. The simple reason is, when using our on-site services, you'll have the unprecedented experience of actually stepping back and enjoying your own event. We'll take charge of program registration, the hospitality desk, all the logistics, answer questions, coordinate with venue staff and place you at the top of an all-star team of over-achievers with only one over-riding goal, to make you and your event succeed and look great!

CIMAX provides complete turnkey service delivery to your event. We'll provide an expert team armed with the latest meeting resources to manage the entire show for you, or any specific function within that event. If desired, we can integrate completely into your corporate culture, so your attendees see CIMAX as members of your staff.

Lead retrieval, logistical analysis, attendee tracking and on-site business services are also areas where CIMAX specialists excel.  No matter how sophisticated your event objectives may be, CIMAX will be there with the right tools.