Let CIMAX manage your housing needs! Our in-house database systems can manage any size event and provide you with the most convenient method of convention housing management available. We'll process the information, check it for accuracy and submit it directly to the hotels ourselves. Client reports can be provided on a weekly, bi-weekly or even daily basis to provide you with the information you need when you need it.

Our data management system is capable of unmatched flexibility, especially in critical last minute situations. While some systems can manage your housing up to a few days before your event, CIMAX can make changes at any time, even during the event itself. Features include managing an unlimited number of hotels and attendees, coordinating complex meeting and seminar schedules and managing transportation details and logistics.

Imagine, no more haggling over roommates, no more hassles at check-out!  Allow CIMAX to integrate your policies into our system and we'll create a flawless system designed for you.